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Credit Repair, Self-Love and Equity – by Beth Shields

We all know the people in our lives with perfect credit scores. Quite often, they are people that we look up to as we simultaneously beat ourselves up wondering why we cannot be more like them. To make matters worse, I suspect we feel they’ve been that way their entire life. However, at least statistically speaking, that probably isn’t the case. Truth be told, nearly everyone in their life has had one or more blips on the radar, if not an entire storm system of events that have affected their credit.

As most of us know, life happens… And when life happens, it can affect every facet negatively and certainly our credit worthiness is not exempt at all. In fact, when the big storms of life hit, our credit is right up there on the list of things most likely to suffer. Heath crises, job losses, family crises, accidents and the list goes on. No small wonder that the aforementioned reasons alone are at the top of the list in reasons for bankruptcy filings. With this in mind, I would ask first and foremost to show yourself some grace and self-love as you remember that you are not alone in the battle for not only your credit, but your personal well-being. Remember that you are not the only one to have had credit difficulties.

Most importantly, remember that despite how overcome you feel right now, there are very real and even easy steps you can take to begin your road to good credit. I have great tools and incredible people that can help you in ways you may not have imagined where credit repair and more specifically the dream of home-ownership is concerned. If you want to own a home and you believe your credit is too large an obstacle to overcome, contact me. I can help.


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